About Us

Scene Center is founded on a deep desire to provide several services such as Translation, Subtitling, Transcription, and Dubbing Adaptation.
Over the past years we managed to work with high quality on many movies, series, documentaries and cartoons with integrity, dedication and in the best and most appropriate expressions.
Our strategy is in line with the goals and basic requirements of the work.
Our team aims is competing to grow in this field of work and expands the client’s base.


Our team :

We are a team of highly qualified young people who respect the concepts of work accuracy, quality, and efficiency. The team is keen on staying in touch with the new improvements in this field on a daily basis, and shares ideas with whom these ideas might concern to deliver a quality that is consistent with the criterion of the work and fulfill its requirements.

The three-staged work is as follows:
1. Translation, executing and content transcription
2. Checking the accuracy in rendering meaning.
3. Language and structure check